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Tapping the MOUSE….

Shopping is always happening idea to spend my Sunday.

But as time passed by, i don’t get time to do the same due to my work which occupied me so much now days.
And the easiest way of enjoy shopping now is through internet. I really can’t get away from shopping. It’s an addiction which cannot be removed my life.

Anyways, my point was to tell you the interesting thing which is growing drastically all over the world.
E-PORTAL website, there are hundreds of online shopping website like e-bay, yebhi, bestylish, zovi , flipkart and so many yet to be launched portal like DAILY BASKET , where you just have to click and shop.
Anyone can get anything right from safety pin to rare orchids just tapping the mouse. This is an era of online portal and digital marketing.

With the growth of the Internet and home PC’s, more and more people are enjoying the benefits of shopping online.

Anyways my point is to tell my new interest/way of shopping i.e., e-portal website. With growing competitive environment of the society, people hardly get time for them and spend maximum time online.
A lot of things can be done online, from getting the latest news, to finding friends, to falling in love, to getting even the basics … like food. These days though, what are truly thriving are online clothes shopping. One can easily get the latest trend and where you can buy it online. Convenience is one of the main reasons why more and more people are turning to online shopping.

There are many reasons why I enjoying shopping & choose to shop online instead of going to the mall.
One great thing about online shopping is that it is convenient. No driving to the store, no fighting for a parking spot, and no dealing with crowds of people. You can shop whenever you want, 24 hours a day instead of being restricted to store hours. You can also purchase items from all over the world, which allows you to find things you couldn’t get at a local store.

Online shopping also makes it easier to compare pricing on items all without leaving your home! You could spend hours and use lots of gas trying to comparison shop at local stores. You don’t even have to write the info down because you can just open up more than one browser window at a time to compare them. Some sites will even provide comparison charts for you that can save you even more time.

Another great advantage for online shopping is the ability to have your items express shipped so you can get them fast. Sure it may cost a little more but sometimes it’s necessary if the items are needed quickly.
You can also have your items already gift wrapped for you, and have them enclose gift cards and even ship the gifts to their intended recipient for you! Many online stores will also include a gift receipt in the even they should need to exchange it.

Not only this there are many website, many option for online shopping. You’ll find so many options to shop, with great discounts and offers on big brands as well.
It saves time and money both.
Today, if one search for online shopping website, he could find 100 website and so many website yet to launch.
Yesterday only I saw one mail of UPCOMING E-PORTAL WEBSITE-DAILY BASKET’. The mail seems impressive but at the same time, option availability for shopping forced to stick on the one we always use.
Anyways I am shopaholic and proud to be..

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The Big GREEN LED experience….

Shopping, shopping and more shopping..
Everyone loves shopping. No matter what, you have money or not, shopping does matter to everyone. Today, we have so many options around for everything. Starting from daily use goods to your personal care, you are surrounded by so many stores.
Whether the city is small or big, options are always available. The city like Meerut, have so many malls, and Big bazaar & Bharti wallmart are among most popular shopping centre for everyone.
In a recent time, city has seen lot of changes in terms of development. The city will soon see a new bird THE BIG STORE; recently I saw a hoarding outside ERA MALL (impressive hoarding) . This store seems to be very promising, it coming up with new concept “India’s First compact hyper market on LED Light and Eco-friendly store”. We have started to see LED light in cars and its going to be quiet interesting to see a store with the same concept The Big store will be offering almost all kind of categories starting from groceries to shoes to electronics. Everything under one roof and they claim that nothing would be on MRP. They are giving the perception of saving money for everyone.
Hope This New Concept will bring A NEW and BRIGHT future for Meerut.


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