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Woah woah… love is all around me….
Nooo I am not in love.
But Valentine’s Day is around the corner. So most of the happening places are fully decorated in Delhi .
Not all only this, open the newspaper, you’ll see all the great offers like take your partner for holiday at great price….book your table …. Couple entry charges… and blah blahhhhhh…

Not only this even online, you open any site, all the flashy colored background showing all the red and pinky-pinky themes… oh man seriously, it is annoying man.

It was time, when Valentine’s Day was only celebrated in western country. But now it is celebrated like any other festival. Only difference is, this day is only for couples.
Valentine’s day is all about love, relationship, commitment and the love that we all want from a partner is not possible without both having the commitment to try to make it last.

The oldest institution on earth concerning human relationships is marriage that has survived all odds all over the world. Despite doubts raised by people who suffer failure in marriage, strangely it is something that most aspire to reach at some point in their life. Those who fail once, wish to try it the second or even third time. I am not talking of western countries where celebrities get into multiple marriages for the sake of money offered for scoops.

So what is it that makes marriage desirable? Why not just live in together and walk away when it becomes inconvenient? Why get married and then suffer the trauma of divorce if you are incompatible? Why suffer idiosyncrasies of your partner? Why spend rest of your life with a person whose wavelength doesn’t match yours? Why travel half way to make up rather than walk away whenever you want? These choices are available in Live in relationships.

No one has complete control on things and situations around. This includes the choice to have a perfect and/or ideal mate. We would all like to have a person as our life-partner who is perfect in our eyes in all possible aspects. But is it actually possible? Isn’t it only a wishful thought? And are we ourselves perfect?

Many people imagine that living together before marriage resembles taking a car for a test drive. The “trial period” gives people a chance to discover whether they are compatible. This analogy seems so compelling that people are unable to interpret the mountains of data to the contrary.

Here’s the problem with the car analogy: the car doesn’t have hurt feelings if the driver dumps it back at the used car lot and decides not to buy it. The analogy works great if you picture yourself as the driver. It stinks if you picture yourself as the car.
“Only Fools think in terms of negality”, otherwise love is enough..

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love, marriage, journey….INDIA.

Let’s start with something which i never did before, i asked my Friend from Ethiopia to write her journey to India, and how her life got changed and moved.
She is working with me in my office; she is intelligent and very sweet and easy-going women.
She married an Indian and that where her journey to India begins. Her first experience in India started with her marriage to an Indian and then to the airport where she saw women in saree and was surprised to see a huge women in saree as well as the old women too though she loved it, but at the same time, in her country no one is allowed to show off her stomach.
The changing weather was also a part of her experience, as far as Delhi is concern.
Delhi is extremely hot during summer and extremely cold during winter. And this year Delhi is freezing.
She loved many things about Delhi starting from its food to metro but with few bad experiences as well on the card, we can’t blame one particular person for that.

Lets start with metro, she like the method of transportation though but she noticed something which made her go made and that is when an old lady or old man came in the train and standing and the younger people are just sitting and not even bothered to offer them sit. Particularly, even this is actually not acceptable.

WEDDING DHAMAL OF INDIA: Recently she went to a family function, one of her husband cousin was getting married, and she was so touched by all the function, culture of India, so colorful, so bright…
And off course one of the best thing about Delhi is food……

Food is just amazing specially the varieties of sweet and dessert Indian offers.
Starting from Bengali rasgulla to ‘jalebi”.. All just Mouth watering…

And most interesting thing she noticed was that a man is cooking outside not the women. And she always asks me this question why women can’t cook outside and work.

i have no answer to that, though i found that funny…as we are used to this trend.

She hates the loud noise of the transportation. Every one is in the rush every time no one has broken the horn and everything else it is like the horn is attached to the escalator they don’t stop top making a noise every ware you go it is the same. the people don’t give a chance for a walkers its like in reveres first a car the a bike and then a three-wheeler then a rickshaw then a person, that is how goes it should be in the other way around.

Other than that i saw rickshaw for the first time it is manual labor but i admire the creation of work. India is full of surprises for her.Here is for today’s blog, her experience, her expectation. To sum up India is a wonderland for her.
She is happily married and working with us..


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