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I don’t watch much TV as most of time I m in office or whenever I  get time, I only stick to Star Movies or HBO and Music channel . But last few Sundays, it was an expection case,  I made an attempt and cut short my normally very long Sunday shopping and outing with friends  to be back home in time for Aamir Khan’s show  Satyamev Jayate.

I was curious. This man always delivers something different. What is it that he has done now. The effort was worth it.  I sat through the full show, and the first thoughts were: Aamir has stolen a march, not only over all other actors who have done senseless TV shows in order to reach out to the considerable, and growing, TV audience, but perhaps even the tribe called journalists.

It was different and yest a reality mixture of emotion and drama like all other shows, but some of the shots, especially when the lady describes how her husband pounced on her and bit her face like an animal, and the picture that followed, were unbelievable. There were also some startling revelations such as those doctor who revealed that sex determination tests were actually started by the government in its hospitals in the 70s, but realisation dawned later on how it could be misused. So much for our trained officialdom and their ‘forward looking’ policy making abilities!

Female foeticide is a serious pan-India problem and healthcare is a state subject. India has a shortage of 100,000 doctors and the perpetrators of these heartless crimes are spread over the big cities and 600,000 villages of India. It is not an issue you play ducks and drakes with.

It is not a show which only creates awareness. They want to see the result .

Sure, there were phases in the show when the reactions seemed contrived or even preachy, but the sincerity of effort was palpable, concerns seemingly so genuine, that it seemed completely acceptable.

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan is uber media savvy, possessing just the right ersatz tear for every conceivable human anguish. On his just-launched Sunday programme, it was obvious that he has mastered the art of ruse, as billions with a penchant for reality-TV fell hook, line and sinker for those lachrymose tear-ducts.

We all now wait to see what are the other topics that follow. Although promos have been around, if the first episode is any indication, it is difficult to predict what they might really contains. Actually, I am ok with this suspense. My only hope and wish is that the momentum and the huge expectations that the first episode has generated is not lost for not often have we had a film star with a huge following devoting time to issues of genuine national concern!

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love, marriage, journey….INDIA.

Let’s start with something which i never did before, i asked my Friend from Ethiopia to write her journey to India, and how her life got changed and moved.
She is working with me in my office; she is intelligent and very sweet and easy-going women.
She married an Indian and that where her journey to India begins. Her first experience in India started with her marriage to an Indian and then to the airport where she saw women in saree and was surprised to see a huge women in saree as well as the old women too though she loved it, but at the same time, in her country no one is allowed to show off her stomach.
The changing weather was also a part of her experience, as far as Delhi is concern.
Delhi is extremely hot during summer and extremely cold during winter. And this year Delhi is freezing.
She loved many things about Delhi starting from its food to metro but with few bad experiences as well on the card, we can’t blame one particular person for that.

Lets start with metro, she like the method of transportation though but she noticed something which made her go made and that is when an old lady or old man came in the train and standing and the younger people are just sitting and not even bothered to offer them sit. Particularly, even this is actually not acceptable.

WEDDING DHAMAL OF INDIA: Recently she went to a family function, one of her husband cousin was getting married, and she was so touched by all the function, culture of India, so colorful, so bright…
And off course one of the best thing about Delhi is food……

Food is just amazing specially the varieties of sweet and dessert Indian offers.
Starting from Bengali rasgulla to ‘jalebi”.. All just Mouth watering…

And most interesting thing she noticed was that a man is cooking outside not the women. And she always asks me this question why women can’t cook outside and work.

i have no answer to that, though i found that funny…as we are used to this trend.

She hates the loud noise of the transportation. Every one is in the rush every time no one has broken the horn and everything else it is like the horn is attached to the escalator they don’t stop top making a noise every ware you go it is the same. the people don’t give a chance for a walkers its like in reveres first a car the a bike and then a three-wheeler then a rickshaw then a person, that is how goes it should be in the other way around.

Other than that i saw rickshaw for the first time it is manual labor but i admire the creation of work. India is full of surprises for her.Here is for today’s blog, her experience, her expectation. To sum up India is a wonderland for her.
She is happily married and working with us..


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SANTA CLAUS need most in 2019

Belated Merry Christmas to all.
Last week was just amazing, Christmas Celebration all over Delhi.
Delhi was looking more beautiful, Christmas is now more or less Celebrated like Diwali in India, last week the whole city was RED, GREEN, BRIGHT..And so is today.
Most of the markets in Delhi were full of Christmas goodies and decorations… Most of the markets get these goodies and decorative stuff.

Everywhere, small or big mall or any markets, all are very well decorated, there is a huge Christmas tree and was surrounded by shining spheres of various colors… A reflection of mall can be seen inside the leftmost sphere…

Many hotels, nightclubs, restaurants and banquet halls in Delhi organize parties on Christmas. Christmas holiday in Delhi is time for shopping, enjoying and partying. Christmas celebrations in New Delhi, the capital of India, are incomplete without the Santa Claus.

This year Santa is animated at many places and is made of some special stuff… Every year, we see a new trend of all these things and in 2011, many event management companies had less resources as compared to deals they had… Now all these celebration days have become a good reason for get together and parties… Most of the Malls in NCR organized various programs during 25th December, 2011…

All malls are decorated with various things to make everyone feel about the Christmas season in the city… Santa, Red houses with snowfall, Green trees with sparkling ornaments.
Not only this, whole city is celebrating Christmas in full-fledged manner, all the night clubs are organizing grand party on Christmas eve.

Dance groups, martial arts team, magicians, choirs, rock bands, skateboarders – the stages will be packed nonstop with the most entertaining acts we can find from around India and the world!
The city is preparing for Christmas celebration with amazing weather.

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Toast to a ‘forever’ Delhi-100 YEARS

Delhi, the political and cultural capital of several empires including the Mughals on Monday added yet another chapter to its glorious history as it marked 100 years of its re-emergence as modern India’s capital.

Delhi has evolved over the years, from an imperial capital to the capital of a thriving economy. It has grown to become a cultural centre, earlier it was a backwater compared to other cities in India. But now, it is more than just an administrative capital, and it’s becoming an economic and cultural centre has made a lot of difference.

Delhi , a city which has everything starting from great monument to big huge mall.
This city is a riches house of countless historical significance waiting to be explored.

Delhi is home to glorious temples, picnic spots, gardens, museums, malls, monuments and many more.

It is an area that one should visit at least once in a lifetime, because of the amazing things to see and do.

Delhi has everything for everyone and is the heart of India.
Delhi: mixture of all the cultural.

Delhi cultural aspect is all about the tradition of Delhi which has become an integral part of the festivals, art, paintings, embroidery, jewelry, handicrafts, cuisine, religion and sports.

The cultural aspect can be noticed in the remnants of the past and modern lifestyle of today.

Delhi is one of the most pleasurable and exciting experiences among shopping lovers. Here one can look for different items like jewelries, carpets, precious stones, bamboo works, handicrafts, garments, potteries and so on. You can buy scores of things here to take back home as souvenirs.

Road Side Market

Come here to enjoy the fine blending of South India Food, North Indian Food, Chinese, American lifestyle Food, and Continental food that are simply irresistible. This is one such city in the whole world where you can allow your taste buds to pamper.

Delhi, turning the most popular city worldwide, not only for food but for its development, educational system, fashion and so on.

In 100 years, Delhi became one of the known cosmopolitan city of India.
Delhi city is one of the most happening city of the Country.

Delhi was the 19th city chosen for Common wealth games.

Delhi roads offers best cuisine, whether its Lebanese food, or sea food. Everything is here.

Delhi is the capital of the nation now and will continue to be for many years to come.

Delhi is now competent and seen at par with capitals of the big brothers, from London to New York , Sydney and Beijing.

The city spent crores on planting greens, but today those plants are dying for want of water. It is high time the Government of India woke up and ensured discipline and showed concern for architectural practices.”
Here’s a toast to a ‘forever’ Delhi!

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Sach….in….Kambli …. out

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is an Indian cricketer widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket. He is the leading run-scorer and century maker in Test and one-day international cricket. He is the only male player to score a double century in the history of ODI cricket.

Tendulkar was an integral part of the Cricket World Cup winning Indian team at the later part of his career, his first such win in six World Cup appearances for India.

Tendulkar is the first and the only player in Test Cricket history to score fifty centuries, and the first to score fifty centuries in all international crickets combined; he now has 99 centuries (48 ODI & 51 Test cricket) in international cricket.

Tendulkar has been honoured with the Padma Vibhushan award, India’s second highest civilian award, and the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratnaaward, India’s highest sporting honour. Tendulkar became the first sportsperson and the first person without an aviation background to be awarded the honorary rank of Group Captain by the Indian Air Force and many more achievement & awards.

Sachin Tendulkar on 8th Nov achieved another milestone as he became the first cricketer in the history of the game to cross 15,000-run mark in Test cricket.

Playing in his 182nd match, Tendulkar reached the mark on the third day of the first Test against the West Indies when he scored his 28th run in India’s second innings with a single off leg-spinner Devendra Bishoo.

After crossing the coveted milestone, the batting maestro looked up at the heavens and acknowledged the standing ovation given by his teammates from the dressing room as his partner Rahul Dravid congratulated him.

The West Indian players also came up after the completion of the over to congratulate the iconic batsman.

Tendulkar was 35 runs short of 15,000 before this match and he scored seven in the first innings before being adjudged leg-before off Fidel Edwards.

With a 14,422 capacity crowd cheering him, Tendulkar, who came in at the fall of Virender Sehwag’s wicket when the team total was 95 for two, played cautiously with India needing 276 runs to win the match.

He hit just two fours after facing 76 balls to reach 28. The 38-year-old Tendulkar, the world’s most prolific batsman, now needs just one hundred to complete a historic 100 international tons. He has scored 51 Test tons and 48 ODI hundreds.

Rahul Dravid, who was batting at the other end with Tendulkar, is the second highest run-getter in Tests with 12,859 runs while Australian Ricky Ponting is third on the list with 12487 runs.

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ANNA HAZARE welcome ALL……….

Swades is a movie which depicts the typical trend of Indian youth.
Learn from India and leave India to earn

• This is the attitude of most of the young Indians.Management lessons learned should be applied in all Indian minds to bring in a change in attitude in them.
• Movie had given a lot of thought to many, who shifted aboard to achieve their goals and dreams, but at the end of everything everyone wants to live with their family.
• The country you belong is very important part of your identity. The festivals, the cultural, and their family, everything is so important. Festivals like Diwali give a reason to come back home and celebrate Diwali with there family.Festivals in India are extremely bright and colorful.

Most of the people are shifting back to India. The lifestyle and quality of living have changed so much in last decade, which forced people around the world to come back to India and be a part of the every festivals.

Now achieving your dreams and goals are now much easier in India.
• For Indian who has dream of buying an Island was just a dream. But now buying an island is cheaper then buying a house in India.. Life has changed much more then expected.
• Indian is emerging as one of the most developed country in near future.
• Everybody wants to come here from cafe to big brands….

• India is forming a developing path and moving steadily toward becoming international….
• We need to be more responsible and responsive on what is happening around us. So Swades is an invitation and a challenge to all young managers of India.

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The Big GREEN LED experience….

Shopping, shopping and more shopping..
Everyone loves shopping. No matter what, you have money or not, shopping does matter to everyone. Today, we have so many options around for everything. Starting from daily use goods to your personal care, you are surrounded by so many stores.
Whether the city is small or big, options are always available. The city like Meerut, have so many malls, and Big bazaar & Bharti wallmart are among most popular shopping centre for everyone.
In a recent time, city has seen lot of changes in terms of development. The city will soon see a new bird THE BIG STORE; recently I saw a hoarding outside ERA MALL (impressive hoarding) . This store seems to be very promising, it coming up with new concept “India’s First compact hyper market on LED Light and Eco-friendly store”. We have started to see LED light in cars and its going to be quiet interesting to see a store with the same concept The Big store will be offering almost all kind of categories starting from groceries to shoes to electronics. Everything under one roof and they claim that nothing would be on MRP. They are giving the perception of saving money for everyone.
Hope This New Concept will bring A NEW and BRIGHT future for Meerut.


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