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Facebook !! New Marketing strategy ???

Facebook craze

I agree each and every organisation has to know the need of social site which are giving enormous virtual media and this paves the way to inform the public,user,unknown expectant people who does not know about the product can be easily reached with the help of the Facebook without incurring extra cost.


Facebook is not only social network website for chatting or finding old lost friends of your school time.

From big brands to big celebrity, face book is the latest tool for there branding.

Whether it is for product, launches or any media news, it has it all.

Facebook status has been updated as quickly as news on news channels.

Facebook pages of a business are more than just a fan page where customers log in to express their likes.

While business cannot have an interesting profile pictures, it can have an attractive wall with interesting photographs and videos that present its products in a way that customers relate to it.

Facebook is undoubtedly the popular platform, but is it something correlating to their set objective, needs to be answered. Many companies create pages & groups, as you rightly put it, just because they have their competition in, but nobody sees, would it work. Most of them wouldn’t have a plan in place and more over wouldn’t have defined the Brand Persona, which is essential for defining the tone & type of the posting.

By clearly defining the role of Facebook in the company’s media strategy, the business page can be used to link or redirect to other media. Many businesses have a call to action on their page to encourage customers to click on a link to visit their website, register for a conference or read blogs and white papers.

Facebook can be used to link to other sources of information about the company. With links to YouTube videos, white papers and event pages, communication across various channels is completely integrated, and the Facebook page is serving as a hub for everything else.

With facebook page, the era has shifted to networking-marketing an unique combo. So facebook page is virtually a realtionship counter!!

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You have showed me another side of me.
Another side I never thought I could be.
I wanna change, rearrange.
I know I can be something.
I know (I know, I know) I’m getting better.

You can say what you believe.
Tell me I’m not worth it, maybe I’d agree.
Well i know that it’s just stones.
No they wont break my bones.
You can say it all you want.
I love myself today, no matter what you say.
I love myself today, and it feels so good.

There are people who are obviously using their profiles on networking sites to create an image. They are trying to show that they are happening people.

Some are simply irritated by all the drama on the web, I know people who tweet every 20-30 minutes, and you know exactly when the got up because their first tweet of the day is posted, and then you know what they had for breakfast. A friend mine once tweeted that his relationship with his girl was over, that was even when before she got out of his car.

Breaking up with someone is not a hush-hush thing anymore, and with social networking websites, it’s a war of inflated and hurt egos. “A friend, after his break-up started dating a someone else, this got the ex fuming and she too made a new boyfriend. And obviously everyone in the friends circle knew it was as if they were competing to put pictures with their new partners on their profiles.

Well, the verdict is out, time to tone it down a bit guys? Lol…..

I see girls taking constant pics of themselves, making what is quite honestly stupid poses with usually their lips pouted out. Am I the only one who finds this strange and quite honestly retarded?

Many females especially teenage females want attention. So they take pictures of themselves as a way to feel better. But what many teens do is go a step beyond taking photos. They not only take photos of themselves, but they share the photos with other peers, and they post on the internet. Many teen girls do this because they lack self esteem and they are looking for someone to confirm that they are indeed beautiful. Now there is nothing wrong with taking photos of yourself. But the problem only arises when you do it to get attention because you feel badly about yourself and you want someone to affirm you.

The height of self obsession:
An Egyptians blogger Aliaa Magda Elmahdy has become a household name in the middle east. She shared a global uproar after a friend posted a photo of her naked on Twitter. She first posted her pictures on her blog.

Previously god was always on our minds, it used to be mirror of own reflection but today facebook has become the new god, the FACE, the BOOK where everyone wants each moment of its FACE.

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