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2012 year of DOOM or year of BLOOM??

The world will change dramatically.
As the prediction says 2012, is the year of depression in terms of economy which will lead to disappointments, fear, stress and tension.
The world will go through a disaster period. Economically the world will suffer from bankruptcy, Industrial slowdown & unemployment. So the astrologers’, astronomers’, numerology say to future in the same tone.

Every nation is suffering from inflation and the coming year shall be more depressing and complicated as the economy is taking tough to recover and shouting the sign of negativity. Everyone from Human being to animals shall be affected.
No one can escape from this wind…
The fear of losing job will lead to mental stress, tension and frustration.
Frustration of not getting what you exactly deserve will lead to more pain and stress among youth.

Prediction to be believed, 2012 is the year for biggest natural disaster. Don’t know about the natural disaster but for sure there would be a global disaster, economy fall down.
Though India is emerging as one of the most powerful country in the soon after China, but India will also suffer from same pain.
Many people will lose their job; industries will go through a down fall, bankruptcy will touch its peak.
The world will change dramatically in 2012.
Year of doom….

So is the one part of it.
The change of the Yuva is taking place so the shell of sculptures the magnetic field will evolve to help human conscious to another dimension.
The aspect of which is different to place IN WORDS.
Life has no purpose, but it has essence to find adventures that why we all are here.
So lets not think of DOOM & just believe that life will find all solutions.


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