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BIG LOCK..entertainment…NIGHTLIFE

Hey, after one month long break with much happening parties and get together, back to my love-My blogs.

India is night life is changing.  Delhi and Mumbai I know for its night life and fashion and when the same trend sees a BIG LOCK AT their door is one of the pathetic experiences.

Recently more then 50 BAR AND RESTAURANT has shut down in Mumbai city due to high taxes, not only that what I have noticed is that, now going to club just to dance and have a mug of beer is outdated.

Today customer wants real environment, I mean to say something innovative like live band, live performance.

Now the times has gone when the only mall people used to organize event and programs.

Now the customers wants entertainment everywhere, wherever they go.

Similarly, customer are going to anywhere they demand ONLY entertainment with innovative ideas.

With so much high demand for live music now days, most of the pubs, club in Metro city started live music bars and restro.


Starting from Delhi new Night life hub Citywalk back lane which has end number of amazing clubs like TRYST MUSICAFE, Bromfy, Blue Frog , live@ or  TC … all has one thing in common.

They have different-different theme of each day like starting from Sufi night to Karaoke.

People TASTE is changing towards entertainment.

NOW the new cup of tea goes to LIVE BAND.. 

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ANNA HAZARE welcome ALL……….

Swades is a movie which depicts the typical trend of Indian youth.
Learn from India and leave India to earn

• This is the attitude of most of the young Indians.Management lessons learned should be applied in all Indian minds to bring in a change in attitude in them.
• Movie had given a lot of thought to many, who shifted aboard to achieve their goals and dreams, but at the end of everything everyone wants to live with their family.
• The country you belong is very important part of your identity. The festivals, the cultural, and their family, everything is so important. Festivals like Diwali give a reason to come back home and celebrate Diwali with there family.Festivals in India are extremely bright and colorful.

Most of the people are shifting back to India. The lifestyle and quality of living have changed so much in last decade, which forced people around the world to come back to India and be a part of the every festivals.

Now achieving your dreams and goals are now much easier in India.
• For Indian who has dream of buying an Island was just a dream. But now buying an island is cheaper then buying a house in India.. Life has changed much more then expected.
• Indian is emerging as one of the most developed country in near future.
• Everybody wants to come here from cafe to big brands….

• India is forming a developing path and moving steadily toward becoming international….
• We need to be more responsible and responsive on what is happening around us. So Swades is an invitation and a challenge to all young managers of India.

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BOND come AGAIN after 23 YEARS

Bond comes again after 23 years

Why everybody wants to come here from cafes to big brands?
India is forming a developing path and moving steadily towards becoming international….

Everybody wants to come here from cafés to big fashion, brands to automobiles to infrastructure.
Infrastructure in India is at a stage where the youth can find the biggest companies developing, the residential and complexity
India has a well-developed transport network comprising rail, road, coastal shipping, air transport etc
Today, India is one of the most exciting emerging markets in the world. Skilled managerial and technical manpower that match the best available in the world and a middle class whose size exceeds the population of the USA or the European Union, provide India with a distinct cutting edge in global competition.

Everyone has found its space in retail sector of India. In the last few years Indian Fashion is witnessing a rapid growth with each passing era. In fact, there is a shift in fashion and trends nearly every six months. This has been a prominent part of the Indian fashion industry that is rising by leaps and bounds.

The existing gush of economic growth in India has had a major impact on the changes in fashion. The awareness and purchasing power of the middle class has resulted in a sudden boom.

Starting from Armani to Louis Vuitton, the global scenario in the economic perspective is yet another influence that has altered Indian fashion. International brands entering the Indian market and selling at economical prices is improving the growth of brand awareness in India in a big way.

Automobiles: whether it’s Rolls Royce everything is available across the road in India subcontinent. Whatever globally launched at the same time it’s launched in India also.

The Automotive industry in India is one of the largest in the world and one of the fastest growing globally
Brand from all over the world coming to India with the youth of this sub continents.

The capital state out and defining itself LOS ANGELES/LONDON of the world.



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The cinema of India consists of films produced across India, including the cinematic culture of Indian.
Earlier there used to be very selective cinemas in India. Like in New Delhi there were SANGAM, PARAS, SAVITRI VIRAT, Sagar, Raju place, SHEELA, AMBA and very rare people used to go out for a movie. Watching movie wasn’t a trend earlier. Then slowly WATCHING MOVIE became a part of our lifestyle.
New theatre was opened. Every Friday was a day for a new movie release.

And then Multiplexes and mall culture gave a new touch to people lives. They start loving shopping with watching movies.

In New Delhi, big American-style shopping malls are all the rage and at the weekends affluent families go to spend the day shopping in air-conditioned comfort, often followed by dinner and a movie all within the same complex.
Time to time we came across with lot of changes, starting from theatre to multiplexes and now to gold class.

But for some wealthy urbanites it doesn’t just stop at designer brands and five-star dining, already a far cry away from reality for most Indians. It seems some even opt for a “gold class” cinema experience.
The GOLD CLASS gave another million dollar experience to INDIAN.

“Gold Class as a brand caters to the upper end of the market, the truly discerning audience. It is for people who desire nothing less than a super-premium, international quality cinema experience and are willing to pay for it
A special Gold Class doorway to the movie screen, leather upholstered, fully reclining seats and blankets to keep you warm in the air-conditioned theatre are just the beginning. The brochure says that for an extra dining charge you can also “pamper your palate with a personalised menu overseen by a maitre’d’” and you can also enjoy the “exclusive” lounge areas lined with bookshelves and original artwork from some of the city’s big names. A concierge service is even offered. PVR have taken advantage of India’s love of brands by even pasting GOLD CLASS on its tubs of popcorn.
The gold class gave a every experience a live experience.
The entertainment factor got a high expectation factor.


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Mc Chat…

A few centuries ago India was the world’s wealthiest country. It was called the GOLDEN BIRD. By the time India got its Independence, the tag and the wealth was gone and all the gold was taken. Now it’s a turn of the food. We are losing our food to the western world.

All the International brands and chains are finding their place or space in INDIA. They are developing at the rapid speed.

Take for example:
Food chains:
All the major American food chains companies are coming to India and expanding (Mc Donald’s, dominos, KFC and so on).
Mc Donald’s one of the most popular among masses, expanding in India. Started a decade back and today they have more than 100 outlets in India itself. They started with the segment of American food and ended into Indianize food form.
The adaptions of new method for the INDIAN people.


Indianzie food:
• The entire major outlets have started the Indiaize food trends. They are changing their specialty of American food form to Indianized food form.


• All the major restaurant start offering and serving the street food like pani puri, bajji, Bhel puri, pav bajji, gol gappe so on. Due to which a tough competition has begun between the food chains in MALL and the chaat wallah on roads.



The entire concept of the American food chain have changed and converted into an Indiaized food form.
Reson why people are shifting from the street food to the MALL food chain:
1. Shifting of ideas
2. Mindset
3. Lifestyle
4. Add on facilities.
Although the street food is the most popular food among Delhi people and WORLD WIDE. Delhi will never lose its charm. Even if the paneer comes in a wrap or aloo tikki in a bread.. DELHI STREET FOOD IS STILL THE BEST.
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FOod !! LeTs Goooo oUT…

Changing trends, lifestyle has changed many things.
Fast food is one of the world’s fastest growing food types. India is seeing rapid growth in the fast food and restaurant industries. The trend is radically changing the way people eat in India.

India is witnessing a tremendous growth in its fast food and restaurant industries.
Additional reasons include exposure to western cuisine, the rising number of nuclear families and growth in the number of employed women, which are also having a significant impact on the eating out trends and growth of the fast food industry in the country.

OUR NATION is all about its food and significantly fond of home cooked and fresh food, this trend is showing the globalisation of India and increase of new markets not witnessed in India before. With increasing number of people eating out the industry offers major opportunities which helps in capturing larger audience.

As a result of this trend, all the international food players like Pizza Hut, Dominos, McDonalds and KFC are increasing day by day. People spend most of their time out.
Earlier people used to go out only on weekends or on special occassions but now things are not the same, may be due to increase number of nuclear family, lifestyle and adaption of western culture.

In India, people have been eating at roadside eateries, dhabas and stalls which still occupy a major share of the unorganised sector, where fast food has been eaten traditionally. However, with the changes in the economy of the country and injection of modern employment from the West, the non-home food market has now changed.

Growing trend of consumption of multi cuisines and increasing brand awareness has led to the increase of global players. Organised modern formats like malls and supermarkets have also become a favourite destination for the outlets. Larger companies are teaming up with small franchisors and mall owners to promote their brand.
The growing segment comprises of formats like fast food chains, cafes and fine dining restaurants.

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One cUP oF COFfee

Neatly done-up place, where a group of youngsters is strumming a new notation on the guitar, while another group of executives is busy discussing a new business plan. And undisturbed by any of this, an old man pores over an afternoon daily. Only one common thing: steaming cups of coffee.

There was a time when we used to get Nescafe coffee worth 5 rupees. But there is huge difference between that time and now.

A decade back, a word café was invented where not only coffee was served for more than 100 rupees but also a variety of coffees with additional menu were available. This culture starts expanding rapidly and expansion was converted into chains of café.

Café like café coffee, barista, coffee bean, mocha are few café which are very popular these days. Coffee consumed in these cafes mainly includes latte, mocha, cappuccino, espresso, friazzo and even the perennial old favorite, filter coffee. Over and above actually consuming coffee, consumers have begun to seek an experience and place a premium on brand and quality.

CAFÉ are not just a place where people come to consume coffee. They are also lifestyle statements. CAFÉ is a place where youth hangout, business men come for meetings and ladies come out for relaxation.
The cafe culture that is spreading across the cities in the country is pushing up the domestic coffee consumption.
DAY TO DAY we come across so many changes. The modern-day cafe that isn’t anymore just a place to sip a cup of brewed coffee.

The lighting and spirited music that complement the spacious interiors make these coffee-shops a chill-out zone… also serving as music stations, bookstores or venues for business meetings.
It’s not just the metros; even smaller cities are opening up to the `café culture’.
Over the past few years, cafes have seen a rise in popularity.
Few reasons for the popularity of café culture are:
• The café culture took wings with liberalization;
• Changing tastes and preferences of youngsters..
• free and relaxed atmosphere

Also, café chains are redefining themselves without shifting from their basic genre by experimenting with cafe and including various formats like cyber cafes, music cafes, studio for different activities, books café, with café.

Interestingly, books are the latest craze in cafes. Amidst all that chatter, wooden shelves stacked with books have managed to grab the attention of several youngsters.
“For many, the idea of a peaceful day is to sip good coffee in the company of a book, good music and smoke(hookah).

Café …  coffee…  enjoyment……. Love it 

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