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DIVERSITY in marketing

Marketing strategies keeps on changing.
Previously marketing strategies were very different. The means of communications with the audience were different. Companies used to promote their brand through print media, promotion activities (mall activities), radio and television. And the cost used to come out really high, creating brand awareness was really tough. It was only for limited audience and attitude were different. They hardly used to give any attention to the ads and after certain period people forget about the ads too.
But ever since people start using internet more, the marketing strategies move a step ahead.
It got easier to get information about anything. You just have to write in the magical box (known as search engine optimization) about your need. You’ll get the information right in front of you. Internet became an addiction for everyone for everything, whether for downloading music or for shopping.
People use it for many purposes. Changing lifestyles and changing technology gave a new way of communication.
Technology took another step ahead by invention of new technology like 2G and 3G services.
2G (or 2-G) is short for second-generation wireless telephone technology. 2G technologies can be divided into TDMA-based and CDMA-based standards depending on the type of multiplexing used.
New way of communication: People can chat, share and get information on there phone itself. 3G (third generation) services not only allow us to access Internet at high speed but they also enable us to enjoy multimedia services, the ability to view videos on our mobile phone.
Now the marketing plan and strategies are also changed. People use internet to promote there brand. Blogging become a promotion tool so is the social website. Social website like face book, twitter and LinkedIn, become one of the promotion site for brands.
Digital marketing is a new concept in the market.
Due to following reason:
• Connectivity: gateway between national and international media.
• Companies use it for there brand promotions in the form of Online Advertisement.
• The best part of digital advertisement once is up on the website, it can’t be removed. It will remain forever on search engine.
• Cost of the digital marketing is comparatively lesser then the other media tools.
• Circulated among masses.
Digital marketing is the new generation marketing program.

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BOOM via Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is growing rapidly in India, not only among professional but also among the youth. Digital marketing has changed the key lifestyle and entertainment channel for youth.

People spend most of their time online, searching, downloading, shopping and soon. Usage of social website like Facebook, Twitter, Hi5 have grown among masses. Same way, there are websites for every individual work.
It is a media channel for everyone. E-mail is a mass market channel for office workers and professionals. E-mail is channel which connects national and international work. It became an important Business tool in today world.

Companies use it for there brand promotions in the form of Online Advertisement. As people spend most of there time online, it become easier for them to look upon the advertisement. The best part of digital advertisement, it can’t be removed and don’t have to pay on monthly basis, once is up on the website. It will remain forever on search engine. So the cost come out is lesser then print media and it cover a mass audience.

It is a gateway of knowledge, information, and platform between national and international media.
Due to increase usage of internet, people start shopping online. It is one of the highest growing marketing strategies in India.
Retailers have started online shopping rather then a store of every product. They have made one website for everything whether it is home furnishing, or car selling. It turns out to be a nice concept in Indian market. It’s growing day by day. Website such as eBay,, India shopping, and so on all are great examples of online shopping.

Not only in retail but also in other industries and now the marketing is changing for good. It is growing in a rapid speed. Digital Marketing is the future. It’s a new way of connecting two worlds. It gives a new way for shopping with the customers and building a relationship with them. Digital Marketing centre around the internet, which has become both a communication vehicle and a very powerful marketing medium as the recent double click acquisition by Google demonstrations Digital media, such as the internet, e-mail, mobile marketing & digital TV & radio, now play an increasing role in both tactical initiatives & as a key component within fully integrated, multi channel campaigns.
Digital Marketing is changing the world.


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