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Don’t know how this war will get a full-stop…

We People talk about humanity, unity and equality and peace.

But we are the same people who destroy everything with our action every day.

The biggest example of humanity disaster is happening in Syria.

Fighting between forces loyal to President Bashar Assad and members of the Free Syrian Army continue in Syria. 

From more than year back this civil war got started and it’s like never ending war. Every day we hear one or the other news for the same.

From CNN news to BCC news everyday there is millions for news “-99 people were shot down”, “66 people are injured”, “women survivors of sexual violence and abuse”..

The U.N. estimates that Syria’s crackdown has killed more than 7,500 people so far.

Western diplomats are now warning that Syria is on the brink of all-out civil war and that this would be likely to “morph into a proxy war in the region”. This could have wider economic ramifications and in particular interact with the Euro zone crisis in ways that are under-discussed in the UK.

A Syrian civil war could well draw in the following countries either directly or as sponsors of one or other parties in the conflict.

The most obvious are Iran, Lebanon, Kurdish Iraq, and Turkey.

And the Syrians, having involved themselves in the Jordanian civil war in 1970 might find that what goes around comes around.

But this entire crisis is majorly affecting the normal citizen.

Even women and children are the major victim of the disaster.

Women are facing the problem from sexual violence and abuse.

International Rescue Committee teams to assess humanitarian needs and to provide emergency medical care, shelter and other aid to refugees who are camped out on the Syrian border in frigid winter temperatures. IRC experts on women’s protection will join these teams shortly and will provide assistance to women survivors of sexual violence and abuse.

Syria launched a long-anticipated assault to crush the opposition in the rebellious north, bombarding its main city with tank shells from all sides and clashing with rebel fighters struggling to hold back an invasion.

President Bashar Assad rejected any immediate negotiations with the opposition, striking a further blow to already staggering international efforts for talks to end the conflict. Assad told U.N. envoy Kofi Annan that a political solution is impossible as long as “terrorist groups” threaten the country.

Don’t know how this war will get a full-stop.

Will this ever gone get end…will this civil war will end on peace or bring bigger disaster?


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I don’t watch much TV as most of time I m in office or whenever I  get time, I only stick to Star Movies or HBO and Music channel . But last few Sundays, it was an expection case,  I made an attempt and cut short my normally very long Sunday shopping and outing with friends  to be back home in time for Aamir Khan’s show  Satyamev Jayate.

I was curious. This man always delivers something different. What is it that he has done now. The effort was worth it.  I sat through the full show, and the first thoughts were: Aamir has stolen a march, not only over all other actors who have done senseless TV shows in order to reach out to the considerable, and growing, TV audience, but perhaps even the tribe called journalists.

It was different and yest a reality mixture of emotion and drama like all other shows, but some of the shots, especially when the lady describes how her husband pounced on her and bit her face like an animal, and the picture that followed, were unbelievable. There were also some startling revelations such as those doctor who revealed that sex determination tests were actually started by the government in its hospitals in the 70s, but realisation dawned later on how it could be misused. So much for our trained officialdom and their ‘forward looking’ policy making abilities!

Female foeticide is a serious pan-India problem and healthcare is a state subject. India has a shortage of 100,000 doctors and the perpetrators of these heartless crimes are spread over the big cities and 600,000 villages of India. It is not an issue you play ducks and drakes with.

It is not a show which only creates awareness. They want to see the result .

Sure, there were phases in the show when the reactions seemed contrived or even preachy, but the sincerity of effort was palpable, concerns seemingly so genuine, that it seemed completely acceptable.

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan is uber media savvy, possessing just the right ersatz tear for every conceivable human anguish. On his just-launched Sunday programme, it was obvious that he has mastered the art of ruse, as billions with a penchant for reality-TV fell hook, line and sinker for those lachrymose tear-ducts.

We all now wait to see what are the other topics that follow. Although promos have been around, if the first episode is any indication, it is difficult to predict what they might really contains. Actually, I am ok with this suspense. My only hope and wish is that the momentum and the huge expectations that the first episode has generated is not lost for not often have we had a film star with a huge following devoting time to issues of genuine national concern!

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BIG LOCK..entertainment…NIGHTLIFE

Hey, after one month long break with much happening parties and get together, back to my love-My blogs.

India is night life is changing.  Delhi and Mumbai I know for its night life and fashion and when the same trend sees a BIG LOCK AT their door is one of the pathetic experiences.

Recently more then 50 BAR AND RESTAURANT has shut down in Mumbai city due to high taxes, not only that what I have noticed is that, now going to club just to dance and have a mug of beer is outdated.

Today customer wants real environment, I mean to say something innovative like live band, live performance.

Now the times has gone when the only mall people used to organize event and programs.

Now the customers wants entertainment everywhere, wherever they go.

Similarly, customer are going to anywhere they demand ONLY entertainment with innovative ideas.

With so much high demand for live music now days, most of the pubs, club in Metro city started live music bars and restro.


Starting from Delhi new Night life hub Citywalk back lane which has end number of amazing clubs like TRYST MUSICAFE, Bromfy, Blue Frog , live@ or  TC … all has one thing in common.

They have different-different theme of each day like starting from Sufi night to Karaoke.

People TASTE is changing towards entertainment.

NOW the new cup of tea goes to LIVE BAND.. 

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Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar-100th Century Glory

It’s been a year and four days, but Sachin Tendulkar, the Little Master, has finally done it.
An incredible sporting feat that may never be matched.

Tendulkar won’t care a jot about the venue or opposition. Any international century is special, and he’s just scored 100 of them. That’s 29 more centuries than his nearest challenger on the all-time list, Australia’s Ricky Ponting.
It’s difficult to understate this sporting achievement. Scoring 100 centuries was unthinkable before Tendulkar came along, making his debut in 1989 as a mere 16-year-old, the youngest cricketer ever to represent India. Now 38, Tendulkar is in the twilight of his career, yet he still shines as brightly as ever.
No other batsman in history has come close to achieving what Tendulkar has. He is the top scorer in Test cricket by a country mile, with over 15,000 runs to his name. Tendulkar is also the top scorer in One-Day Internationals with more than 18,000 runs, streets ahead of Ponting, who is second on the list with 13,704.
Tendulkar is the most successful cricketer in history.
Each time he went out to bat, Tendulkar must have had the echo of a 100 million voices asking “Is this going to be the one?” ringing in his ears. Time and again, cricket watchers, from luminaries of the game such as Sunil Gavaskar, Tony Greig, Shane Warne and Sourav Ganguly, to average fans like you and me, made pre-match predictions that “today would be the day” only to see the Little Master later trudging back to the pavilion having fallen short of the triple figure mark.
In the eyes of the romantics, especially, the timing of Tendulkar’s hundredth century was almost written in the stars.
The World Cup final — which India of course won — in Mumbai was surely the stage for this great cricketer to reach this phenomenal milestone. He knows how to handle the pressure, and the big stage, and it comes no bigger than a World Cup final watched by billions. But no, he was out for 18.

Sachin looked very defensive from start and he became even more defensive as he closed in on his century. Sachin looked a relieved man and went emotional after the century, His eyes became wet as he pointed the Indian logo on his helmet to the stands.

We congratulate Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar on this achivement. We are happy that an Indian achieved this feat for the first time.

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Tapping the MOUSE….

Shopping is always happening idea to spend my Sunday.

But as time passed by, i don’t get time to do the same due to my work which occupied me so much now days.
And the easiest way of enjoy shopping now is through internet. I really can’t get away from shopping. It’s an addiction which cannot be removed my life.

Anyways, my point was to tell you the interesting thing which is growing drastically all over the world.
E-PORTAL website, there are hundreds of online shopping website like e-bay, yebhi, bestylish, zovi , flipkart and so many yet to be launched portal like DAILY BASKET , where you just have to click and shop.
Anyone can get anything right from safety pin to rare orchids just tapping the mouse. This is an era of online portal and digital marketing.

With the growth of the Internet and home PC’s, more and more people are enjoying the benefits of shopping online.

Anyways my point is to tell my new interest/way of shopping i.e., e-portal website. With growing competitive environment of the society, people hardly get time for them and spend maximum time online.
A lot of things can be done online, from getting the latest news, to finding friends, to falling in love, to getting even the basics … like food. These days though, what are truly thriving are online clothes shopping. One can easily get the latest trend and where you can buy it online. Convenience is one of the main reasons why more and more people are turning to online shopping.

There are many reasons why I enjoying shopping & choose to shop online instead of going to the mall.
One great thing about online shopping is that it is convenient. No driving to the store, no fighting for a parking spot, and no dealing with crowds of people. You can shop whenever you want, 24 hours a day instead of being restricted to store hours. You can also purchase items from all over the world, which allows you to find things you couldn’t get at a local store.

Online shopping also makes it easier to compare pricing on items all without leaving your home! You could spend hours and use lots of gas trying to comparison shop at local stores. You don’t even have to write the info down because you can just open up more than one browser window at a time to compare them. Some sites will even provide comparison charts for you that can save you even more time.

Another great advantage for online shopping is the ability to have your items express shipped so you can get them fast. Sure it may cost a little more but sometimes it’s necessary if the items are needed quickly.
You can also have your items already gift wrapped for you, and have them enclose gift cards and even ship the gifts to their intended recipient for you! Many online stores will also include a gift receipt in the even they should need to exchange it.

Not only this there are many website, many option for online shopping. You’ll find so many options to shop, with great discounts and offers on big brands as well.
It saves time and money both.
Today, if one search for online shopping website, he could find 100 website and so many website yet to launch.
Yesterday only I saw one mail of UPCOMING E-PORTAL WEBSITE-DAILY BASKET’. The mail seems impressive but at the same time, option availability for shopping forced to stick on the one we always use.
Anyways I am shopaholic and proud to be..

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Facebook !! New Marketing strategy ???

Facebook craze

I agree each and every organisation has to know the need of social site which are giving enormous virtual media and this paves the way to inform the public,user,unknown expectant people who does not know about the product can be easily reached with the help of the Facebook without incurring extra cost.


Facebook is not only social network website for chatting or finding old lost friends of your school time.

From big brands to big celebrity, face book is the latest tool for there branding.

Whether it is for product, launches or any media news, it has it all.

Facebook status has been updated as quickly as news on news channels.

Facebook pages of a business are more than just a fan page where customers log in to express their likes.

While business cannot have an interesting profile pictures, it can have an attractive wall with interesting photographs and videos that present its products in a way that customers relate to it.

Facebook is undoubtedly the popular platform, but is it something correlating to their set objective, needs to be answered. Many companies create pages & groups, as you rightly put it, just because they have their competition in, but nobody sees, would it work. Most of them wouldn’t have a plan in place and more over wouldn’t have defined the Brand Persona, which is essential for defining the tone & type of the posting.

By clearly defining the role of Facebook in the company’s media strategy, the business page can be used to link or redirect to other media. Many businesses have a call to action on their page to encourage customers to click on a link to visit their website, register for a conference or read blogs and white papers.

Facebook can be used to link to other sources of information about the company. With links to YouTube videos, white papers and event pages, communication across various channels is completely integrated, and the Facebook page is serving as a hub for everything else.

With facebook page, the era has shifted to networking-marketing an unique combo. So facebook page is virtually a realtionship counter!!

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Woah woah… love is all around me….
Nooo I am not in love.
But Valentine’s Day is around the corner. So most of the happening places are fully decorated in Delhi .
Not all only this, open the newspaper, you’ll see all the great offers like take your partner for holiday at great price….book your table …. Couple entry charges… and blah blahhhhhh…

Not only this even online, you open any site, all the flashy colored background showing all the red and pinky-pinky themes… oh man seriously, it is annoying man.

It was time, when Valentine’s Day was only celebrated in western country. But now it is celebrated like any other festival. Only difference is, this day is only for couples.
Valentine’s day is all about love, relationship, commitment and the love that we all want from a partner is not possible without both having the commitment to try to make it last.

The oldest institution on earth concerning human relationships is marriage that has survived all odds all over the world. Despite doubts raised by people who suffer failure in marriage, strangely it is something that most aspire to reach at some point in their life. Those who fail once, wish to try it the second or even third time. I am not talking of western countries where celebrities get into multiple marriages for the sake of money offered for scoops.

So what is it that makes marriage desirable? Why not just live in together and walk away when it becomes inconvenient? Why get married and then suffer the trauma of divorce if you are incompatible? Why suffer idiosyncrasies of your partner? Why spend rest of your life with a person whose wavelength doesn’t match yours? Why travel half way to make up rather than walk away whenever you want? These choices are available in Live in relationships.

No one has complete control on things and situations around. This includes the choice to have a perfect and/or ideal mate. We would all like to have a person as our life-partner who is perfect in our eyes in all possible aspects. But is it actually possible? Isn’t it only a wishful thought? And are we ourselves perfect?

Many people imagine that living together before marriage resembles taking a car for a test drive. The “trial period” gives people a chance to discover whether they are compatible. This analogy seems so compelling that people are unable to interpret the mountains of data to the contrary.

Here’s the problem with the car analogy: the car doesn’t have hurt feelings if the driver dumps it back at the used car lot and decides not to buy it. The analogy works great if you picture yourself as the driver. It stinks if you picture yourself as the car.
“Only Fools think in terms of negality”, otherwise love is enough..

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